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Underwear documentation and pictures

Underwear by Engeline Vonfoxridge
Name of piece and what layer it represents:

These are underwear and they represent the skin layer.
Period and origin of time:
The period of origin I am using is the 1300’s my personia is of Austrian decent so I am using Austria as the place.
What material was used in period:
Linen and silk were used in period.
Material I used:
I used linen
How I assembled the pieces:
I took my measurements and cut a waist band. Then I cut out a piece for the bottom and between my legs. I hand sewed them together
What I did and the difference between:
 I am not sure the differences I couldn’t find any documentation explaining how underwear was made.


As far back as 7,000 years ago remains have been found of pre-historic leather loincloths. The Egyptians used fabric to make a undergarment as long ago as 2,000 years ago. A chiton’ was used by ancient Greeks. Underwear are cloths worn under cloths, next to the skin. The purpose of underwear is to keep the outer garments cleaner by keeping the bodily secretions and dirt away from the dress. They also shape and provide support for parts of the body. Underwear is also used for warmth by adding a extra layer of clothing. Around the 13th century, pull-on underpants were invented and underwear became an important garment. Braies replaced the loincloth. Braies were often made of linen and were worn by all society.

What I learned:

I learned that documenting underwear is hard.
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