Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gloves documentation and pictures

Gloves by Engeline VonFoxridge'Les tres reys dewant herodes.' ('The three kings before Herod'). Painted by the Infancy Artist.
Name of piece and what layer it represents:

This piece is called gloves and it represents the accessory layer.
Period and origin of time:
The period of origin I am using is the 1300’s my persona is of Austrian decent so I am using Austria as the place.
What material was used in period:
Material that was used in period was leather, silk, wool, and linen.
Material I used:

The material that I used was wool.
How I assembled the pieces:
I traced my hand onto a piece of paper then cut it out of material to use as a pattern. Then I put the pattern onto my wool and cut out four pieces. I hand sewed the pieces together with fourchettes between the fingers for movement. I used cotton string to sew them.
What I did and the difference between:
The differences is I used cotton string.
 What I learned:
 Gloves have been around a long time.
I learned that gloves are harder to make then I thought. The Pharaohs wore them as a symbol of their high position and women wore them to protect the beauty of their (they rub their hands with honey and fragrant oils and put on thin silk gloves). In those times the gloves were made as small pockets without holes for fingers. There was a tradition to eat in gloves even in the Middle Ages. There were special thimbles from thin good fabric. They put them only on the fingers. These gloves were made from linen and silk. The gloves became an accessory of status and meaning in women's clothes around the 12th century. They were decorated with colorful embroider, jewelry and pearls. Women splashed them with perfumes. The gloves were not only decoration, but a symbol of chic and elegance, a symbol of differentiation and power in the Middle Ages.
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