Saturday, November 19, 2011

Belt hanger documentation and pictures

Bag HangerBy Engeline VonFoxridge
Name of piece and what layer it represents:
This is a bag hanger and it represents the accessory layer.
Period and origin of time:
The period of origin I am using is the 1300’s my persona is of Austrian decent so I am using Austria as the place.
What material was used in period:
 gold, silver, brass and pewter
Material I used:

I used a coat hanger made from pot iron
How I assembled the pieces:
I bent the coat hanger in the shape that I wanted then cut the extra off. Then I smoothed the edges with a dremel.
What I did and the difference between:
I didn’t cast the metal I used what I had.
Belt or purse hangers were used to suspend purses, knives, keys, or other personal items from the belt. Belt hangers were also used as decorative items and too keep belts from being destroyed by the things hanging from the belt.
What I learned:

I learned how to bend a coat hanger into a shape. effigy of Berengaria ROSALIE'S MEDIEVAL WOMAN

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